When Do Women Start to Age?


True, none of us is getting any younger, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are getting older, does it? Even if, sometimes unexpectedly, we pass on from being young to being aged. There ought to be a breaking point somewhere along the line where spring’s freshness turns to summer’s mellowness.

Woman's skincare mask

Those cunning Japanese boffins done and nailed down the turning point. Their findings say (and we came to know that courtesy of Sloane Crosley’s latest W contribution) that women turn the bend and pay the tribute to age when they are 35.09 years old, that is, within the first month after the 35th birthday.

The reason why Japanese great brains came after that particular piece of knowledge was that they belong with cult skincare brand SK-II. The thing is not only that ladies begin to acquire the gloss of maturity once they’ve stepped over the 35.09 threshold, but that the skin’s resilience has also worn considerably thinner and less ready to withstand the strife of living. From then on with every passing day you have to help the skin to hold its own against lines that grow more pronounced and deepening wrinkles. And the same team of researchers holds out the perfect remedy to that in the form of SK-II’s Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream in an attractive package.

Whether the 35.09 borderline is universal or may be (slightly) different outside Japan, still it’s the time when we are bound to find our own bets brand to take care of our skin. While Ms. Crosley puts her faith with SK-II products, all of us are working against the clock with the help of other companies on the vigil for the eternal beauty. So what is your answer to keep your skin fresh as long as we can manage to? What anti-aging products help take years off your face and hands so visibly that you would like to share your skin care experience?

Source of the image: Photl.