Top 10 reasons why women change hairstyles


The popular stylist Andrew Collinge, two-time winner of the British Hairdresser of the Year award, presented top ten reasons why female clients change their hairstyles. What would you think is on this list?

Top 10 reasons why women change hairstyles

As it turns out, influence from fashion trends and advises from the stylists did not make it to the leading positions. Those, who see deep psychological reasons, in every action women make, even illogical ones, hit the bull’s eye.

So, the top 10 reasons why women change their hairstyles are:

  1. Just to for a change
  2. Because of boredom
  3. In order to improve self-confidence
  4. After a divorce or a break up
  5. As an experiment
  6. To keep up with fashion
  7. Because of the gray hair popping up
  8. In honor of the her anniversary
  9. Either before or after having a child
  10. For the wedding day

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