Porexia Is the Worst Problem Facing Women Today


A new study embracing more than 2,000 women revealed a grave problem that afflicts modern women – having pores that are too large.

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It emerges from the research carried out by Harris Poll for L’Oreal Paris that almost 50% of women in the US are disconcerted with the size of their pores and are ready to go a long way to remedy it.

28% of all women polled admitted that large pores are worse than wrinkles, and 21% confessed that they started worrying over their pore size at the ages of fifteen to twenty.

19% take pains to hide the imperfections by adding filters or editing, while 10% got so much put out by the problem that they prefer not to take selfies any more.

The lengths women admit to going in order to mitigate the affliction include getting by without alcohol for a year (as stated by 23%), saying good-bye to social media (17%), and breaking the habit of shaving legs (11%).

On the average an adult person’s body has 5 million pores, the face claiming about 20,000 of them. The size of the pores is determined by many factors, the most important of which are genetics, dirt, oil, as well as dead skin cells – accumulating on the face, they form blockage layers. Temporary factors are sun-related damages to the skin and pimples, they enlarge the pores.

Therefore, 13% of women can’t get the size of their pores out of their heads, thinking they are too large every day and even more frequently.

Is there any way of effectively reducing them? Challenged with the question by the Huffington Post, Dr. Debra Jaliman explained that there are prescription medications like Accutane which make the pores smaller, but only for a time. On the other hand products containing vitamin A and retinol can visually reduce the pores by increasing cell turnover, but they don’t actually affect their size.

To make them shrink permanently one has to undergo in-office laser treatments, for example Fraxel or Medlite.

Meanwhile, the 14% of the women who believe their dates can be spoiled by their large pores, can rest assured by the fact that men are unlikely to pay attention to it even during facial close-up episodes. Most men (more than 50%) say they never mind the pores on women’s faces.