L’Oreal Develops Anti-Wrinkle Pill


Scientists at the beauty lab of L’Oreal Paris sensationally claimed late in December they’ve developed a unique anti-wrinkle pill. The project initiated by two leading global companies, L’Oreal and Nestle, was eventually accomplished successfully.

Inneov Fermete - the Anti-Wrinkle Pill

According to scientists, a small red pill called Inneov Fermete actively prevents wrinkles from appearing on the skin, nurturing the body with special antioxidants and lycopene that is naturally found in tomatoes. When taking on a daily basis, the risk of facial wrinkles is reduced to statistical discrepancy.

Anti-wrinkle pill was testes among two groups of women aged from 45 to 51. After six months of the study their skin significantly rejuvenated.

Source of the image: furkansaglik.com.