How to Use Face Moisturizers Correctly?


Skin moisturizing creams are considered an essential attribute of women’s make-up bags because they make the skin smooth, fresh and without wrinkles. However, a moisturizer is also a very insidious product: its effect is closely linked to the peculiarities of the environment.


Not all women know that moisturizers can hurt the skin, and they need to be used with competence.

Despite the fact that this cream is designed to saturate the skin with moisture, the result of its application may be just the opposite – tightness and dryness. According to experts, this is due to the “conflict” with the climate in the apartment.

According to experts, a moisturizer allows you to save the skin moisture, but only if the air around you is moist. If the environment is too dry, the application of the cream, as they believe, will lead to the absorption of moisture from the skin, resulting in the accelerated aging process.

Thus, using moisturizers in a dry area is unsafe for your own beauty. You need to ensure that the microclimate in the apartment does not lose the required moisture level.