Getting To Grips With Combination Skin


Every girl if different and along with that every girl has different types of skin. This is why you’ll find makeup in many different shades and suited to the many different skin types. Not only does makeup need to come in this form but skin care products also need to be suited to different types of skin. Some girls have oily skin while others have dry skin. Getting to grips with your skin type can be difficult especially if you are one of the many people who have something called combination skin.

When you have combination skin you will find that your skin is both oily and dry on different parts of your face. This can be a massive problem especially when it comes to finding a skin care product to suit both issues. The good news is that great brands like Nuxe have some combination skin care products that will help you deal with the issue. Make sure to keep reading below if you want to find out how to know if you have combination skin and how you should treat it.

Your Pores

Figuring out what type of skin you have is never easy but one of the signs of combination skin is actually to do with your pores. This happens when the pores on your nose are a lot larger than those that appear on your jawline and your cheeks. This should be fairly obvious when you look at your nose carefully and if you see the difference then you’ll find that you might have combination skin. You will find that you can make your pores look smaller using special skin care treatments, but you cannot physically reduce the size of them.

Oily Parts

When you wash your skin do you find that it becomes quite oily on certain parts afterwards? If you have combination skin, you’ll find that only certain parts of your skin will become oily around 20 minutes after. This is obviously quite distressing but don’t worry because there are ways of combating this problem. To get rid of the oily patches you’ll need to cleanse carefully along your T-zone if it is the main area that is affected. Removing the dead skin and using a cleanser will help to reduce the oiliness in certain parts and will improve your combination skin.

Break Outs

Another sign that you might have combination skin is when you have breakouts appearing often but at the same time, you have some dry patches that appear on other parts of your skin. This is not ideal, and we would want you to avoid breakouts if you can. You’ll want to be able to treat the breakouts without making the dry skin on the rest of your face a lot worse. You might need to invest in two different types of face mask such as one that absorbs oil and another which will moisturise your dry areas. This should help your combination skin and help you get to grips with it.


Worried about your dandruff? You might find that it is actually a result of your combination skin due to the dry aspect of it. This flakiness is obviously not ideal especially when it appears in your hair and on your clothes. Avoiding dandruff is a lot easier than you might think as long as you invest in some shampoo that is made to prevent it. A dry scalp is a major factor that encourages dandruff so make sure to treat it in the ways that you can.

Your T-zone

If you are trying to understand if you have combination skin, then you should take a close look at your T-zone. For those with combination skin, this area will tend to look a little inflamed underneath and a little yellow on the surface. In this area, flakiness often appears just like how others might get dandruff on their head. There are some creams that you can use to treat this flakiness on your face so make sure to do your research and sort it out.

Your Period

Another important sign that you might have combination skin is that when you are on your period, you get a few more breakouts than normal. You might think that these breakouts are due to oily skin, but they are actually due to your combination and your period. The results of this normally mean that when your period is over, the breakouts end up going away, leaving your skin a lot flakier than normal. This is obviously quite distressing but there are amazing creams to treat this sort of combination skin.


When you have combination skin, it can be difficult to find a moisturiser that works. You might find that the moisturiser that you use looks amazing on your cheeks or certain parts of your face but when it comes to your T-zone it looks oily. This is a really big indicator that you have combination skin and you might need to get a product that is made specially to reduce this problem. Make sure to choose the right moisturiser for your skin if you have different types of skin on your face. One product worth looking into is Aquabella from Nuxe which is specially designed for combination skin. It contains White Waterlily, natural-origin Hyaluronic Acid and other natural products to combat your combination skin.

The Weather

Do you find that the state of your T-zone changes depends on how the weather is? This might be a sign that you have combination skin that you need to focus on treating. When we say the weather affects it we mean that when it is hot, the T-zone gets a little more shiny than normal. If you have this problem, then you might find that purchasing and making use of some blotting papers can actually make a huge difference.

Finding The In-Between

The main sign of combination skin is when products just don’t work on your face because of the differing textures. Buying products that suit oily skin don’t come through for you and moisturisers just make your skin even more oily. It is important to be able to find the right in-between for your skin without having to waste money on products that are just not going to do the job for you. Make sure that you test out lots of different products and don’t be afraid to try out two products at once on different parts of your face to get the desired effect.

Final Thoughts

Getting to grips with your combination skin is not as difficult as you might think. It is important that you understand what sort of skin that you have to ensure that you can buy the right sort of moisturiser and cleansers. More and more brands are making the effort to cater to those with combination skin and so if you take a look around you might find that there is the perfect product for you. We want you to feel amazing and so figuring out how to handle your combination is very important. Make sure that you try out different things and don’t be afraid to spend a little more on your skin if you think that it is going to make a huge difference. Take our advice on board and you should be able to handle your skin a lot better in the future.