How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair


If the fuzz on the upper lip bothers you, you can select one of these types of hair removal. We’ll tell you more about each of them.

Fine Facial Hair Remover for women


A thin needle electrode is inserted into the hair follicle. At the end of it there is an electrical impulse, due to which there emerges a spark of heat. This spark destroys the follicle, the part that is responsible for hair growth. The disadvantage of the method is painfulness.


It is based on the destruction of hair follicles by brief flashes of powerful broadband light. After the procedure, the amount of hair is reduced, and those hairs that remain become even thinner or completely invisible. The method is effective for vellus hair, so it can be used for upper lip hair removal. If after different methods of hair removal there is still hard and dark hair on your upper lip, the most effective and least painful method is laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal

This is a non-invasive method of hair removal, the fastest and most effective way to remove hair forever. The frequency of the treatment may vary from three to eight times, depending on the personal skin and hair characteristics, the hormonal level, and the areas of unwanted hair. First you are to be tested – after this the skin becomes reddish, which indicates that the hair follicle has absorbed energy, and hair removal will be effective. Redness can last for a few minutes or days, but this is a temporary phenomenon.

In the process of laser hair removal the melanin in the hair is affected (the pigment, which is mostly contained in dark hair, so laser hair removal on blonde hair is ineffective). Hair structure damage does not affect the surrounding tissues. With each subsequent procedure, hair grows less and less.

To reduce pain during the procedure, it is best to choose a laser with a mounted cooling system. Temperature raising in the follicles is hardly noticeable, as it occurs simultaneously with skin cooling. Thus, the only discomfort accompanying the procedure is tingling or prickling.

The method of hair removal for each person must be individualized at an internal consultation with a specialist, because there are some diseases in which one or the other method of hair removal is not very effective.