Frotox Is the New Botox


Having ruled on the cosmetic market for years, Botox is now in danger of being chased away from its throne by the latest word in cosmetic technology. The latest word, Frotox, shows every promise to be a more effective and healthier procedure!


Actually, Frotox is a nickname (somehow evoking delicious goodies like frozen yoghurt), the stuff is really called Iovera. Developed by some Californian boffins, it is reported to be a highly innovative face freezer sans the customary purified botulinum toxin. The procedure involves injection of liquid nitrogen into the nerves leading to the muscles around the wrinkles. It causes two “frostbites” in the face that freeze the facial nerves for a long-long time, as long as four months. The frozen muscles relax causing the wrinkles to vanish without a trace – almost immediately, which places Frotox way ahead of Botox which is incapable of such a feat.

Actors and actresses are sure to take to it in no time, as the new freezer can affect particular muscles and thus create face expressions.

Besides, our bodies contain some nitrogen, and they are likely to accept the injections as something quite natural, so less side effects are expected.

For some reason, Iovera can now be obtained only in the UK.