Anti-Wrinkle Tips from Celebs: Magnetic Mask


What women won’t do for beauty and youth! If the news spreads that a cream from baby seals’ tears helps to get rid of wrinkles, the desperate ones will immediately book tickets to the Arctic and try to drive the adorable pups into depression. However, seals can sleep peacefully. Now it is trendy to make face masks of iron and treat the skin with magnets. These exotic products are promoted by overseas beauties and the creators of the magnetic mask, which is so popular online. What’s the point of it?

It is impossible to list all the things that have been applied on charming women faces in the name of beauty and youth for the last five or ten years. From harmless clay and algae to activated charcoal and snail slime. However, the beauty industry is not standing still. Today’s popular cosmetic brands offer to rejuvenate the skin with the help of magnets. You can even do it at home.

While “mere mortals” are still contemplating on buying the sensational black coal-based mask, starry beauties and rich ladies are testing a new product from the popular Dr Brandt brand called Magnetight Age-Defier. The process looks as follows: an asphalt-colored substance is applied on the face and kept for 5-10 minutes. Then comes the most interesting part. Unlike conventional masks, Magnetight Age-Defier is not washed off with water – it is cleaned off with a special magnetic scraper. It literally draws the substance to itself, leaving the skin clean. Looks fascinating.

The point is that the magnet activates the powder particles in the iron mask, “charges” other active components, triggers the regeneration processes in the upper layers of the skin, and at the same time pulls out the black spots and other unpleasant content of the pores. The result is a clean face with an even tone, a nice oval and less visible wrinkles due to the skin renewal acceleration. It is a real miracle. Wouldn’t a miracle be expected from the mask costing 75-100 USD?