9 Cosmetic Products That Should Be Stored in the Fridge


The same way as you do not keep an open carton of milk on the cupboard shelf, some cosmetic products should not be kept in the bedroom or in the bathroom. What cosmetics really need constant cooling?


1. Eye cream or gel

In order to remove swelling and bags under the eyes more quickly and efficiently in the morning, put the eye cream or gel into the fridge. The cold constricts blood vessels and, consequently, reduces swelling.

2. Cream for itching

Our body can not feel cold and itchy at the same time, so if you have similar skin problems, apply something cold. It will relieve itching quickly and effectively.

3. Sunscreen

If stored in a warm room, its effectiveness against ultraviolet radiation is reduced.

4. Nail polish

When exposed to sunlight and warmth, nail polish thickens, and sometimes even changes the original color. Storing it in the refrigerator will help it remain intact.

5. Perfume

Again, sunrays and heat cause the disintegration of chemical substances in your perfume, so that it starts smelling not like you used to.

6. Anti-acne remedies

When you buy any remedies for acne, see the conditions of storage. If you store these products improperly, their effectiveness is reduced.

7. Lipstick

An ordinary lipstick, which you use every day, should not be stored in the refrigerator. However, if you bought it just to have in store, then low temperature will help retain your lipstick’s color and gloss.

8. Liquid makeup

It includes everything – from the foundation and mascara to liquid eyeliner. All of them have a shelf life, which is sharply reduced after you open them. To extend it, these products should be refrigerated – unopened ones, too!

9. Natural cosmetics

Having organic origin, such cosmetics contain no preservatives, parabens, sulfates, etc. Consequently, the refrigerator will help in storing such cosmetics.