4 Myths about Well-Groomed Women


Do we really need to see beauticians? Beauty treatments are often considered to play important role in women’s struggle for youth and unfading beauty. However, regular visits to the beauty salons can lead not only to skinny wallets, but to premature aging as well.

Beauty Myths

Myth 1. Cosmetic tricks help slow down the aging process

This highly common misconception is widely supported by cosmetologists and glossy magazines. No wonder, since their financial well-being heavily relies on this myth.

Any cosmetic procedure works only at the surface level of skin, while the major age-related changes occur in the deeper layers (in the dermis and epidermis). Thus, no beauty salon treatment can prevent development of wrinkles, but can only make them less noticeable, on the condition that the woman will work on her appearance systematically.

Beauty care can be compared with regular gym workouts, since even the most outstanding athlete will loose shape without them.

Myth 2. The more often you see your beautician, the better you look

Excessive and unnecessary use of cosmetic treatments can lead to rapid aging of the skin, especially if the treatments are used not according to instructions. Any cosmetic procedures, even the lightest ones, should be done in separate sessions. The rest of the time should be seen as the skin’s rest-period. Overloading the skin with frequent fix-ups is useless, and even dangerous in some cases.

“Spoiled” skin will not be able to adequately respond to even the most “powerful” cosmetic procedures.

Myth 3. Cosmetologists know best what your skin needs

Surely, beauticians can spot the most apparent skin problems right away. However, they do not have the power to help their clients fix those problems completely and permanently. The skin reflects the body’s internal problems. Persistent face acne can be caused by gastrointestinal problems; oily hair usually indicates issues with the hormonal balance; and red itchy spots on the face indicate liver malfunction. Consult a doctor whenever you observe persistent skin problems.

Myth 4. The pricier the procedure is, the more effective it is

The salon prices are not controlled by market, since the companies declare a price according to their expenditures, such as rent, office maintenance, and cost of the cosmetic products. The novelty effect is important as well, as the newest services usually are the most expensive ones. Don’t rush to try them out on your skin, since any innovation is prone to have undiscovered effects. The “older” treatments are generally more reliable, cheaper, and their effect is more predictable. Below are the most popular treatments, their application and safety procedures.


Recommended: from age 25.

What it does: improves the skin tone and appearance, maintains muscular corset of the skin, models the shape of the face, and visually smoothes out the wrinkles.

Frequency: once in three weeks, or 5-8 sessions annually.

Face Cleansing

Recommended: according to doctor’s recommendation.

What it does: cleans the pores, removes dead cells, and improves complexion.

Frequency: once every three weeks if recommended by a doctor, otherwise once in six months.


Recommended: from age 25.

What they do: depending on the skin type they can moisturize, nourish, tone, reduce the size of the pores, etc.

Frequency: 1-2 times a week.


Recommended: according to doctor’s recommendation.

What it does: peels off the outmost layer of the skin with the help of cosmetic products and special devices (rotating brushes).

Source of the image: collegebeing.com.