10 Worst Toxins in Cosmetics & Makeup


Women cannot refuse cosmetics. However, instead of making the skin beautiful and healthy, they at times cause an irreparable harm. This happens because cosmetic products include the ingredients that are actually toxins.


10. Ethoxylated surfactant and 1.4 dioxane

It has never been considered a toxin. When compared with ethylene oxide that causes cancer, all the other substances seem to be less dangerous. However, approximately 57% of all children’s creams contain 1.4-dioxane. It is better to refrain from taking any medications, which contain a substance, starting with «eth-».

9. Phthalates

Once they were widely used in the manufacturing of children’s toys, and now they can be found in fragrances, perfumes, and lotions. They can lead to disturbances in the endocrine system and cause cancer of the liver, kidneys and lungs.

8. Triclosan

It is used as an antibacterial and disinfectant product in deodorants. It can cause cancer and endocrine disorders. Furthermore, recent studies have shown that it affects the environment adversely.

7. Formaldehyde

This carcinogenic substance that was once used as a disinfecting product may be contained in nail polishes, shampoos and mascaras. It is prohibited in the EU.

6. Hydroquinone

This perfume organic material belongs to phenols. It is mainly used in the products intended for skin whitening. It can cause problems and cancers of the reproductive system. It is prohibited in the UK.

5. Mercury

Mercury is a terribly poisonous substance, which one needs to be very careful with. It is capable of damaging brain cells. In general, it is used in the manufacturing of mascaras.

4. Lead

Lead poisoning usually occurs through food and water, but it can still be contained in lipsticks and hair dyes. Lead is an extremely toxic metal that affects all organs and systems, especially the nervous system.

3. Oxybenzone

Oxybenzone is dangerous to humans as it affects the endocrine system. But it is actively used in sunscreen products. As a result, there are allergies, cell damage and even disorders in the fetus.

2. Parabens

Parabens are used as stabilizers in many cosmetic products. But they can cause cancer and reproductive disorders. Furthermore, parabens cause allergies, acne, and skin damage.

1. Toluene

This substance causes disorders of the immune and endocrine systems. It is used in the manufacturing of hair and nail care products.