Topshop Had to Get Rid of "Anorexic" Cody Young Pictures


The photo of the model Cody Young published on the Topshop home page last week raised a surge of negative comments about the excessive thinness of the model. The brand had to yield to the criticism and to remove the improper photo.

Cody Young pictures

The girl was recognized unhealthy and disproportionate. Some people were simply outraged by the published photo. For example, Karen Easthall, the leader of the movement in support of the people suffering from anorexia, spoke harshly, calling it disgusting to make such shots in 2011. The girl definitely looks like zero size. Such a model can provoke young female consumers, who will have a wish to look like a model. According to Karen Easthall, Topshop had to think about it.

It is interesting that Karen Easthall is directly related to the problems of anorexia. Her 16-year-old daughter spent four months in the hospital, struggling with anorexia. It was after this that the woman became an ardent fighter against those who promoted excessive thinness.

Cody Young pictures

Thus, Topshop has been subjected to criticism from all sides facing allegations that their model is too thin, and it can have a destructive influence on young girls. The brand did all they could to defend their model. They said that Cody Young had size 8 (size 40 according to a different scale), and they believed Young to be a healthy young girl. 18-year-old Cody defended herself in her blog saying she looked that way all her life. The model said her father and mother were thin as well, they all were tall and thin.

However, the public pressure could not be restrained. The brand had to replace the photo which seemed invalid from the point of view of many people. The woman no longer works for Topshop.

Source of the image: Washingtonpost.