Prince Harry and Girlfriend Split


Prince Harry’s latest flame turned out to be just a flаsh in the pan – hardly had she made her point with his friends and relatives when the romance went up in smoke.

Prince Harry and Florence Brudenell-Bruce

Prince Harry and 25-year-old underwear model Florence Brudenell-Bruce looked in heat about one another for something like two months. The heat was very much on while it lasted, complete with Brudenell-Bruce’s introduction to Prince William and other members of the royal family where she – according to an inside source – went down “a storm.” They were recently referred to as a “dream couple,” but now the dream is over.

The couple had been expected to get together for the model’s holiday in Ibiza in September, but the arrangement was scratched off.

Sources disclose that the prince decided to end the relationship because he had a feeling of being “tied down.” Other suggestions for the breakup include the prince’s involvement with the Blues and Royals in the Army Air Corps. As the Daily Mirror reports from the words of a source, Harry has a lot of fish to fry, he is very much into Apache helicopter training and is planning to return to Afghanistan.

His training began to interfere with his relationship, explained the source, and the prince was frequently engaged in numerous activities with his friends all through the summer; so his girlfriend has been fading away from his life lately.

This spring Prince Harry had a short reunion with his former girlfriend Chelsy Davy who even made it to Prince William’s Royal Wedding to Kate Middleton, but she was also left behind soon afterwards.

Brudenell-Bruce, whose previous romantic involvements included Jenson Button of Formula 1, was not in evidence at the wedding of Harry’s cousin Zara Philips.

Source of the image: Accessatlanta.