Paris Hilton Wouldn’t Know Cocaine from Gum


Paris Hilton’s Las Vegas arrest ended with her being charged with cocaine possession. The official report recounts that Friday night when Hilton and her pals were stopped driving along the Las Vegas Strip there was a strong smell of marijuana issuing from the car. Seeing that the police officer noticed the smell, the socialite made to roll up the car window.

Paris Hilton

The report goes on to say that, the scene attracting attention and about 100 onlookers gathering around, the 29-year-old heiress professed to be “extremely embarrassed” and expressed a wish to retire to the bathroom of a roadside hotel.

Once in the bathroom Hilton opened her purse to apply lip balm. At that moment, as the officer reported, “I saw a small bindle of what I believed to be cocaine in a clear baggie begin to fall from the purse and into my hand.” It turned out later that the officer had not been mistaken and the bindle contained 8 grams of cocaine.

Among other things a broken tablet of Albuterol and cigarette wrappers (marijuana smokers’ standard item) were found in the purse. According to Hilton’s testimony, the Albuterol and the money to the sum of $1,300 in the purse belonged to her, but not the purse itself nor the cocaine bag.

Answering questions about the cocaine, Hilton was reported to say that “she had not seen it, but now thought it was gum.”

The following day Hilton’s attorney made a statement saying it is a case for the law, and people would be well advised not to form their opinions from media reports. The heiress then addressed her fans via Twitter late Sunday, thanking them “for all the love and support.”

If Hilton receives the conviction, it can mean up to four years’ imprisonment for her.

Source of the image: Enjoyfrance.