LeAnn Rimes: Just Lean or Too Bony?


RadarOnline has called in an expert in an attempt to settle the dispute over LeAnn Rimes’s appearance that raged through the weekend on Twitter. Quite a number of people reacted (or overreacted) to the country artist’s figure that has evidently gotten leaner still.

LeAnn Rimes

As Rimes tried to tweet back to a comment that sounded especially biting, calling the 28-year-old singer’s body “scary skinny,” it had only served to fan the flame.

What sticks out is abs, not bones, replied the singer, adding that she is quite healthy and “just lean.” But it seems that few health experts could endorse that view.

RadarOnline relegated the issue to Dr. Majid Ali, a member of the American Board of Anatomic & Clinical Pathology and editor of the Journal of Integrative Medicine, who – though he did not treat Rimes – is undoubtedly in a position to utter judgment. What he said went contrary to the Grammy-winning artist’s arguments.

Dr. Ali was certain that Rimes’ body shows not abs but pelvic bones, which means she is extremely underweight, and she definitely does not look as she should. He estimated her weight at around 100 pounds – a condition he called “dripping wet.”

Rimes does look different in older photos taken before she got married to Eddie Cibrian. Dr. Ali said her weight was something like 135 pounds which suits her constitution much better – making it a clear case of unhealthy weight loss.

Rimes’ reps failed to offer any comment on that so far. The singer stated in a Twitter message in April that she neither overstrained herself nor cut down on her meals.

Source of the image: Thehollywoodgossip, Connect.in.