"Human Hourglass" Model Claims, She Does Eat


Probably the thinnest of them all, model Ioana Spangenberg goes by the moniker “Human hourglass” that she acquired for her waistline measuring a meager 20 inches (a little bigger than a compact disk!). The skinny woman says that she never skips her meals – moreover, she doesn’t think twice about gobbling some junk food in between meals!

Ioana Spangenberg

Nobody believes her when she says so, complains Spangenberg – but it’s true, it’s three solid meals a day for her. “I snack on chocolate and crisps all the time,” she further confesses.

Ioana Spangenberg

The secret is in her stomach, reveals the 30-year-old thinny to the U.K. Sun. It is small and it doesn’t allow her to exceed a proper portion. “If I eat too much, I feel sick,” she shares.

Spangenberg was born in Romania arriving over 7 lbs weight, and her figure had been causing her some consternation at first. Her The Sun reminiscences tell that in Romania a skinny girl is assumed to come from a poor family – so she felt excluded from social life, staying at home and noshing chocolate bars in the hope of filling up while her fuller-waisted friends were out having fun.

So the model ended up in Germany where she joined the man who appreciated her as she was and posted her photos online. They have been married for six years now, and Spangenberg is ever grateful to her man who “encouraged me to celebrate my body,” as she put it.

The model adds that she is trying to put on some fat – though she feels comfortable in her own body, she is aware that she looks pretty emaciated to many. So she feeds lavishly on pizza and kebabs.

Meanwhile her husband’s high opinion of her body is shared by more than 2 million YouTube viewers, and the number of people wishing to see the video of Spangenberg in a miniskirt is growing by the hour.


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