Best Wedding Gift for Kate Moss


Of course, Kate Moss is not one of those who would be happy to get a dinner set or bedclothes as a wedding gift. That is why guests had to try and show outstanding creativity. That was exactly what they did.

Kate Moss wedding

One of the most unusual gifts, the originality of which was appreciated by the bride, was a pair of Terry de Havilland sandals. Kate admires the shoes from this master. Almost every day she wears a pair which are nearly the same as she was presented with.

Terry de Havilland sandals for Kate Moss

Now, a few words about the pair she was given. First of all, they are of bright red snakeskin. The sole of each sandal is lined with Swarovski crystals, which make up obscene phrases: «F*** Me » on the one sole and «F*** You» on the other.

They say that when the 37-year-old bride got these shoes as a gift, she was absolutely delighted! The famous shoe designer Terry Haviland made this pair specially for Kate Moss. He planned that the model would be wearing them during the whole honeymoon.

An average pair of footwear from Terry de Havilland cost about 600 pounds, but shoes with crystals on the soles should cost many times more.

Kate herself spent on 1 million pounds on her wedding. And how much will she spend on her honeymoon?

Source of the image: Dailymail.