New Fitness Trend: Under Water Treadmill


A summer version of a cardio workout was developed in the U.S. The treadmill from the gym was moved to the pool. It is interesting that during a refreshing workout the “athlete” is not wearing a bathing suit and flip flops, but the sportswear for running and usual trainers.

Pool treadmill for workout

According to the experts, it is a very fast, safe, and effective way to lose weight and get into good shape. The fact is that the usual running can do harm to your body: there is a risk of leg and spine injuries. But water softens the load.

Besides, water resistance leads to the expenditure of more energy. Compare: during the normal running you burn about 8 calories per minute, while during water running – up to 11.5 calories.

Another important point is that during the workout it is important to stay upright. Thus there is a resistance forcing muscles of the entire body to work.

Many Hollywood stars have already experimented with the novelty. Jennifer Aniston is a big fan of swimming pools. She runs in water for 15 minutes daily.

Source of the image: Swimcornerstone.