Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Your Workout


There are a million reasons why you shouldn’t start working out. It’s so easy to put yourself down, make excuses, and lose motivation before you ever get started. But, you know what? If you never start, you’ll never make progress. Look, everyone started out weak and helpless. Babies are a prime example of this. And, yet, at any age, working out and building muscle is effective. Every study done on exercise shows this, time and again.

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“But Gyms Are Too Expensive”

It’s true that many gyms are expensive, but this is more of a concern in bigger cities. Even then, it’s not always all that difficult to find a gym running deals. Many gyms, like Gold’s, offer incentives to join, like offering you $20 per month or $10 per month promotions. If you’re having trouble finding a gym with reasonable rates, try looking on sites like www.SportPursuit.com. They help you find discounts on equipment and memberships that you couldn’t get anywhere else.

Don’t worry about hiring a personal trainer. You might not even need one. What you will need is a no-nonsense program to get you started. Programs like Starting Strength are excellent beginner programs, and they will help you get into shape really fast.

“But I Don’t Have Time”

You always have time. This is just a rationalization. Take advantage of nature’s gym – AKA the outdoors. You can go outside, go for a hike, run, bike, or swim. Getting outside and walking a few miles each day is probably the easiest way to get exercise, and it will pay off within a week.

You’ll notice your sleep improving, your energy levels throughout the day improving, and you’ll also start to use muscles you forgot you had – like your glutes and hamstrings. You’ll also find things like digestion improving too. That’s because walking at a moderate pace revs up your metabolism and stimulates the movement of food through your system.

The important thing is that you get outside and do something. It doesn’t need to be much. Even 20 minutes a day, in the morning, is better than nothing.

“But I’m Too Out Of Shape”

Of course you are – because you’re not working out. You know how to get into shape? By working out. This is the most insidious rationalization you can tell yourself. The fact that you’re out of shape, and that you recognize it, however, is an important first step. At least you know what needs to be done.

Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just start today as day one. Don’t wait till Monday. Don’t wait till the new year. Don’t wait until after the holidays. These are all convenient excuses, but nothing will change tomorrow, the next day, next week, or next month. You go into work every day, don’t you? Why? Because you need to earn money. Well, you need your health, don’t you? When do you need it? Next week? No. You need it today.

Nancy Rider is an athletic trainer with a heart for healthy living. When not working with clients, she enjoys blogging about simple and practical ways to improve fitness and overall health.