How to Motivate Yourself to Work out?


If you want to exercise regularly, but you lack motivation, start wearing sportswear more often. Scientists believe that this will help you develop a wish to be involved in physical activity.


Clothes Symbolism

The researchers from Northwestern University in Illinois found that the correct selection of wardrobe affects the motivation for sports. Some types of clothing have a so-called “symbolic value”, which makes a person more focused on performing certain tasks. And if someone lacks the willpower to start going to a gym or just do regular push-ups on the floor, he/she would first need to get sports clothes and footwear.

Clothes & Psychological Change

It turns out that people go through some psychological changes when they wear some specific pants, suits, or sneakers. During the experiment, one part of the volunteers wore a special lab white robe, and the other – regular clothes. All of them were asked to go through the tests that required concentration. Wearing a white coat, as it turned out, helped to cope with the performance of these tests much more successfully.

How to Improve Your Concentration?

Moreover, the white robe turned to be the only effective way of clothing because the use of exactly the same gown of a different color did not increase the concentration and the ability to solve these or other tests. Consequently, professional clothes are a stimulant that helps a person to cope with various tasks.

How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise?

According to a psychologist and personal trainer Susan Rudnitsky, if you are wearing sports clothes, you start thinking like an athlete. Leggings and sports jerseys will make a woman feel that she works on her figure. Such people are often looked at with envy, and psychologists witness such situations. Just do not rush into buying the clothes of the best clothing brands. For this purpose, the most common and inexpensive wardrobe will be suitable. As soon as you feel that your motivation for sports has grown, go to the gym!