Worst Eating Habits from Your Childhood

We all come from childhood, and our habits are also from there – tea with sugar, a dislike of sports, and sandwiches for breakfast. We have selected some of the most harmful childhood habits that spoil the figure of an adult person.

Boiled and fried potatoes

Potatoes are the most popular side dish in many countries. We are taught from childhood to eat it along with meat for the main course, and getting rid of this habit with age becomes more and more complicated. Yet, we still need to get rid of it.

It’s not even about calories – 100 g of cooked potatoes contain only 82 kcal, which is actually not so much/ The point is that potatoes are a source of easily digestible carbohydrates that contribute to the formation of adipose tissue, so it is better to replace potatoes with a salad or vegetables.

Tea/coffee with sugar

A spoonful of sugar here and a spoonful there lead to cellulite on the hips, folds at the waist and a dozen other problems that we never thought about in childhood and from which we are now trying to escape with all our might.

There is certainly something very nostalgic and pleasant about sweet tea, but remember that tea or coffee with sugar is additional calories that will have to be burned with an effort in the gym.


To a child, ice cream or the favorite candy after dinner can seem a powerful argument in favor of eating soup. Fortunately, we perfectly understand these days that soup can be tasty in itself, and desserts should be eaten in moderation because these are all the same easily digestible carbohydrates that not only lead to problems with the figure, but are also addictive.

White bread with butter

In fact, sandwiches are no different from the same branded fast food. Carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol – that’s what they are actually made of. And if you also add a slice of cheese or sausage to bread and butter, it’s hard to even imagine what a shock your body experiences when consuming this nightmare of nutritionists.

Yes, sandwiches quickly saturate and satisfy hunger, but in the long run, such food will immediately lead to exacerbation of gastritis and weight gain.

If you really want a sandwich, use whole grain dark bread.


Not a single children’s holiday can be imagined without soda. Everyone is crazy about fizzy sweets and cool drinks of the colors of the rainbow. Children hardly ever think that in fact soda is a real killer of their figure, teeth, and stomach.

Rich in sugar, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and flavors, it is extremely harmful to the body, contributing to the development of obesity.

Lack of vegetables in the diet

Eating a salad for a side dish seemed like real torture in childhood, it was impossible to look at broccoli without tears, and it was disgusting to just look at a cucumber.

Hopefully, your eating habits have changed a little today, and vegetables have entered your daily diet. After all, they are all an irreplaceable source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They not only do not harm the figure, but, on the contrary, help cleanse the body.

Eating whatever you may

Soup, candies, chips, cutlets, some vegetables and finally a chocolate bar… Try to remember how you used to eat in your youth, and you will be horrified at your promiscuity.

Today, words like detox, macrobiotics, smoothies and veganism have completely discouraged the desire to eat everything.

We became more choosy and finally came to our ideal shape – slender legs, a tightened butt, a perfect waist – this is the result of doing sports regularly and, of course, of proper nutrition.