White Wine Harms the Teeth

European dentists warn that white wine has a devastating effect on tooth enamel.

Healthy White Teeth

They conducted an experiment that showed that the acids, contained in white wine, aggressively washed out calcium and phosphorus of the enamel and weakened tooth enamel more rapidly than similar substances in red wine. Those who drank white wine, lost an enamel layer that was 60 microns thick. One could neutralize the impact by eating cheeses high in calcium together with drinking wine and by brushing teeth not more than half an hour after drinking wine. Otherwise there appeared the risk to erase the damaged enamel layer.

How can the fans of white wine protect their teeth from decay? Coconut oil has some protective properties – though not in its pure form, but after processing it with special “digestive” enzymes. As explained by biologists from Athlone Institute of Technology (Ireland), in such cases coconut oil begins to fight bacteria, called Streptococcus mutans, that provoke cavities.

Under the influence of the oil, the bacteria fail to get secured to the teeth and form the plaque, which leads to damaging of the teeth. It is possible that the processed coconut oil will be included in toothpastes and other facilities for mouth care.

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