What Makes Women Too Hairy?

Female excessive hairiness is not just a cosmetic problem. British doctors say it could be a sign of a serious illness.

Too Hairy Woman

Five to fifteen percent of women suffer from excessive body hairiness. The researchers consider a hormone disorder the most likely cause in many cases. The women with these problems should not be afraid to seek medical advice, scientists say. The study was published in Gynaecologists.

According to Dr. Rebecca Swingler from C-Michael hospital in Bristol, hormonal changes lead to the polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in 70-80% cases. The syndrome may be accompanied by hirsutism – excessive female hairiness. However, it is difficult to track how many women suffer from this problem, as many of them do not consult doctors.

Most often, women try to cope with hairiness on their own for years before turning for professional help. In addition, excessive hairiness may occur due to some tumors, thyroid dysfunction, and hormonal drugs.

According to the researchers, moderate hair growth can be regulated cosmetically. However, if a woman is faced with excessive hairiness, she should seek medical help to discover the cause, and perhaps to begin treating a disease at an earlier stage.

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