Syringe without a Needle Created

For diabetics and other people, who are forced to have daily injections, this invention can be a real salvation.


The syringe without a needle was created by the scientists of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Its performance is based on the so-called Lorentz force – the force acting on a charged particle moving in an electromagnetic field. The device consists of a vial of medicine and a small but powerful magnet, around which a wire is wound. Under the influence of current, the magnet pushes the piston, injecting the medicine with a high speed under high pressure. The rate of releasing medicine from thin holes in the ampoule is almost equal to the speed of light. Only a small hole is made in the skin, and people just do not have time to feel pain. The syringe can be programmed so that the medicine would be delivered under the skin at various doses and at different depth.

It is not the first Needle Free Injector in medical practice, but all the devices that were developed earlier, had a spring mechanism, so the speed and depth of the injection of the medicine could not be controlled.

The new device can significantly make life easier not only for diabetics, but also for the people who have daily injections. The new product will bring joy to those who are afraid of needles, as well as to children for whom a visit to a doctor often ends with unpleasant experiences. The plans of American scientists include the creation of the device that would inject not only liquid, but also powder forms of medicine.