Singing Health Benefits

Feeling free, stress treatment and face lifting – these are just a few reasons motivating people to do vocals.

Woman singing

According to psychologists, the best possible way to improve the quality of your life is just to start enjoying it. Singing is the tool to get joy from life. According to experts, it is a part of an “antidepressant” package along with yoga, psychotherapeutic sessions, and fitness.

In recent years, serious and established adults take up vocals more and more often – not only for the mythical professional singing career, but to solve specific problems – psychological and physiological. It’s the same as anti-depressants, but with no side effects. This is how it works.

Regular vocal classes (2-3 times a week for several months) will not only make you a karaoke star (if you want it, of course), but will also give real health benefits.

Lung ventilation

Working on the proper breathing techniques saturates the blood with oxygen. During the first sessions, you may even get dizzy. The functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems improves, as does the skin tone. Vocal lessons relieve simple forms of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and tonsillitis.

Speech improvement

Many attend such classes not for singing, but to start talking normally. In singing, rhythm is very important. That’s why it is useful for those who work with people, have a quiet voice and slurred speech. Vocal and speech therapy can help with stuttering, as well. After all, the main directions of speech therapy and vocals are alike – overcoming neck stiffness, active work of lips and tongue, short breaths and long breaths, air flow control.

Toned body

The proper singing posture eventually becomes a conditioned reflex. Back straight, shoulders back, tummy drawn in. Instead of an office “hook” we get a majestic, beautiful silhouette to make the enemies jealous.


A singer is constantly “working” on his or her face, and it produces a noticeable anti-aging effect: facial muscles are in tone, a person looks much younger than his age.

Managing emotions

Singing teaches to control yourself. This is a very useful skill to help out in many difficult situations.

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