Reviewing Soy Products from Herbalife Nutrition

So many of the products from Herbalife Nutrition contain soy protein because of its many health benefits. It’s a good source of protein, and it’s completely plant-based. It helps people to keep and grow their muscles. There are even studies that show that having 25 grams of soy protein each day may help to reduce heart disease risk. However, there are many myths about soy that keep some people from trying these Herbalife products as a part of their everyday healthy diet.

Men and Soy Protein

Many people believe that eating or drinking soy protein can lower testosterone in men and increase their estrogen. However, consuming soy protein does not deliver human estrogen. The soy plant does contain a chemical called phytoestrogen, but this is very different from the human estrogen hormone. This myth came about after case reports showed that men who ate enormous amounts of soy and little of anything else experienced hormonal changes. However, eating that much of any single food is unhealthy. Later studies have shown that soy foods, and the isoflavones in them, did not affect the levels of estrogen and testosterone in men even when eaten at relatively high levels.

Another myth is that soy protein can increase prostate cancer risk in men, but this isn’t the case. Some research has indicated that consuming soy may instead reduce the risk of this cancer. This was first noticed in Asia where everyone routinely eats soy. These men had lower mortality rates for prostate cancer. Since then, 30 studies have shown this link to a lesser risk of this cancer type.

Benefits of Soy

In addition to the negative myths about soy being false, there are several important benefits that this substance comes with. Soy protein can help you to feel fuller longer so that you don’t eat too much. It can also help you to keep up your energy levels. Soy protein is much better for the environment than animal protein, and it’s much more sustainable. And for vegetarians and vegans, it’s a great choice for their protein.

Foods that use soy protein tend to have low levels of saturated fat. Soybeans aren’t just protein, though. They also contain calcium, fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and iron as well as many other minerals and vitamins. There is also an increasing number of studies that back up the health benefits of soy.

Herbalife Reviews

Many different Herbalife products use soy for its healthy proteins and sustainability. Herbalife products like Formula 1, Protein Drink Mix, Personalized Protein Powder, Protein baked Goods Mix, Protein Bites, and Soy Nuts are all full of soy nutrition. The Herbalife reviews for these products have shown that the majority of those who try them love them for their nutrition as well as their taste. People love the easy way to get protein and the fact that the protein is plant-based. Herbalife reviews of the various protein products show that people all over the world are happy with their Herbalife products and the results they get from them.

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