Regular Health Checks for Women

How often we forget about our health because of the daily chores, brushing off the aching and stabbing pains until the last moment! However, it is much easier to prevent a disease than to treat it. Severe illnesses are much easier to treat if you start at an early stage of their development. However, to detect a disease, you need to see doctors regularly, not occasionally or when the pain becomes absolutely unbearable. We have compiled a list of doctors who every woman should see and the frequency of these visits to prevent health problems.



See the ophthalmologist at least 1 time per year. The reason for this is sharp vision deterioration in young women who are only 18-35 years old. Over the years, eye muscles become weaker, and you will need not just vision assessment, but also an examination for eye diseases – glaucoma and cataracts.


You need to see the dentist twice a year, even if you do not see any noticeable problems. At the same time, see the periodontist – a doctor who treats gum diseases – at least once a year. Such preventive measures will help to keep your mouth healthy and your smile attractive for a long time.


Girls and women starting from the age of 18 should see the gynecologist at least 2 times a year. At different ages this visit will help to identify various problems: At 18-30, the doctor will watch the body in order to prevent the development of diseases that negatively affect conception and pregnancy; after the age of 30, hormonal changes may contribute to the development of tumors, as detected by means of examination and smears; after 40-45, a woman needs examination because of the approaching menopause.

Breast physician

In the last few decades, the number of breast cancer cases has significantly increased, which is why women are advised not to neglect regular checkups by a breast physician. Women should closely monitor the mammary glands themselves, do the inspection and palpation after each period, and see a mammologist to detect indurations and neoplasms as early as possible. After 25, undergo examinations and breast ultrasound at least once every two years; after 35, see the doctor at least once per year, and after 50 – twice a year.

And, of course, we should mention the medical procedures no woman should neglect:

Thyroid ultrasound

The sharp increase in thyroid diseases has led to the fact that doctors recommend doing the ultrasound at least once per year. The survey shows the thyroid gland structure and if there are any indurations on it. You may be tested for thyroid hormones along with the ultrasound.


You should do the survey once a year to eliminate the development of tuberculosis, check the condition of the lungs and airways, and detect if there are any significant heart problems.


Electrocardiography diagnoses cardiovascular diseases even at early stages. Do not forget to do this procedure at least once a year.

Blood and urine tests

Do these tests once every 6 months. A general blood test will show your hemoglobin level and reveal if blood clotting is violated and inflammation processes are underway. A blood sugar test will reveal the development of diabetes even at early stages. A urine test will show the state of the kidneys and the urinary tract.

These are the basic examinations and procedures that every woman should undergo. Love yourself and take care of your health!

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