Reasons Playing Cribbage Online Keeps Mommies Sane


Mommies deal with constant stress. Getting rid of stress is fundamental to being a better mom and a saner one. Here are some really good benefits of taking time for yourself. You time is fundamental for good health. Just the simple act of doing something for yourself can repair the emotional exhaustion of a whole day of problems.

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The Importance of Relaxation

Stress levels are a major contributor to a rise in blood pressure. It causes your body to release hormones which cause the blood vessels to open. By allowing yourself to relax, you reduce the need for these hormones and your blood pressure settles down into a lower rate.

Tensing up during stressful situations keeps the muscles tight. If they stay in such a state for a long time, you develop pain in those areas. Headaches, muscle aches or tense shoulders are often the result. By reducing stress levels, you loosen up tight muscles.

Tight muscles can also bring on pain. Little incidents are so much worse with a stress headache. Giving yourself a moment to play free cribbage online helps keep some of those headaches at bay.

Calmer Nerves

Some days, everything just grates on your nerves. Even the slightest whine or accidentally spilled juice can send a signal overload through your nervous system. With just a few card hands, you have the power to focus on something else and calm your system. In addition, playing card games online can easily be a great social situation. There’s always someone around to chat with and share both your mommy success stories and woes with.

Immune Boost

Kids bring colds and other little bugs home all the time. With increased stress levels, your immune defenses lower making it more likely to catch what they have. A reduction in stress levels boost up the immune system so you aren’t as likely to come down with colds or that nasty stomach flu.
Stress also makes it harder for the body to process glucose. If this continues for too long, this can lead to diabetes. As a mommy, the last thing you want is a disease that adds more stress to the amount you already have. Taking care of yourself is really an important part of your health, and anything that keeps you in top health so you can keep up with your kids is a huge win.

Recharges Creativity

Spending all day, everyday trying to keep kids occupied is a monumental drain on your creativity. Sometimes, the battery just needs a full recharge. A simple cribbage game frees up the mind and allows your subconscious to explore new avenues. The game itself could inspire a few ideas. What’s more, if you’re inspired, it can lead to spending time with your children doing something fun and creative. Who doesn’t love a good art project that you can do as a family!
Online cribbage provides more benefits than just satisfaction from winning the hand. It provides you those precious moments to reduce your stress. Which in turn makes you a better and healthier mommy.