Plastic Surgery Procedures Performed Without General Anesthesia

What surgeries require only local anesthesia? We remind you how important it is to think 100 times before doing plastic surgery. Let’s talk about the most simple procedures.


To get rid of saggy skin under the eyes, they would use a scalpel, which left barely visible scars. Now it is done even easier: a hernia is removed through the conjunctiva (it forms bags under eyes). An incision is made on the inside of the eyelid, after which sutures are used to close the wound – no traces remain after the procedure. The surgery takes place under local anesthesia and does not take more than an hour. It takes up to 10 days to recover.

Removal of Bichat fat pads

At first, the surgeries undergone by some stars for the sake of sharp cheekbones were more difficult. Now it takes about an hour. Under local anesthesia, the surgeon cuts the inside of the cheek and gently removes the fat pads. Then he makes a suture, which heals after 14 days.

Due to the surgery, there will never be any fat in the cheeks again. It is attractive in youth, but in older age, it threatens with sunken cheeks.


Local anesthesia can also be used in this area. But only if the area of the surgery is small. The operated person can be conscious while feeling light pressure in the area where the procedure is taking place.


Most otoplasty procedures are performed under local anesthesia, especially if the surgery is not too large in size and not very difficult.

Genital plastic

Modern drugs allow the painless experience of the minutes of surgical intervention during vaginal narrowing or correction. Discomfort is possible only with the introduction of anesthesia, but these are short-term sensations.

The choice of anesthesia (local or general) depends on the anesthesiologist. The specialist pays attention to the patient’s analyzes and the type of surgery. In this case, it is important for the operated person not to panic. If the patients cannot control themselves, it is better to choose general anesthesia. You need to remain calm, for example, during the genital plastic surgery – complete muscle relaxation is required there.