Pilates & Dancing as Arthritis Treatment

Dancing fitness, yoga and pilates really work wonders: according to The Daily Mail, these classes can ease the pain of millions of people suffering from arthritis.


American scientists have carefully studied the training program developed by the members of the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. They discovered that it increased the degree of life satisfaction, improved balance, reduced pain, severity and frequency of falls.

According to Sandra Goldsmith, the director of the Educational Center for the patients of this hospital, the patients reported a reduction in pain levels after the experiment. S. Goldsmith comments that pain is a key factor in the quality of life, and if the doctors can offer their patients exercises to reduce the intensity of pain, it is great help.

The scientists have evaluated the effectiveness of training programs that include weekly classes of tai chi, yoga, pilates and dance fitness for 200 people with arthritis. Before and after the classes, the experts examined the patients’ health status on the basis of their’ words (evaluation of the degree of pain, balance, the incidence of falls and the level of physical activity). Pain intensity scale was used to determine the severity of muscle and joint pain. The experts also examined the impact of pain on different aspects of life, including general activity, mood, walking ability, sleep, and the ability to work and enjoy life.

As the experts say, 53% of the patients reported a decrease in pain after training, and 54% improved their general activity, mood, and quality of sleep. The injuries, requiring hospitalization, were kept to a minimum. The side effects of dancing and pilates were not observed in the patients.

Earlier, the representatives of the English National Ballet said that ballet dancing could help people with Parkinson’s disease to overcome pain.

The study report was presented by the scientists at the annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.

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