Office Pillows from Japan

We all sometimes get lonely. Even when we have fun, spending time on the Internet. Even when we have fun, spending time on the Internet in the office, surrounded by colleagues. Of course, we can use social networks and start detracting some of our acquaintances from work. Or we can get a special attractive friend to work at the computer – to be accompanied and not to feel overstressed. Anyway, that’s how the Japanese do.


With their high level of corporate culture and even a cult of the office, the Japanese know what many hours of work at the computer are fraught with. In particular, a high percentage of workers are faced with the wrist tunnel syndrome, caused by the uneven distribution of load on the tendons and small joints of the fingers. But the Japanese would not have been Japanese, if they had not figured out how to solve this problem in a non-standard way. Charming little plush kawaii cushions for the computer are now on guard of their health.

Huge fluffy pillows are a new hit of the Japanese offices. They are not intended for sleep (though you can try); they are expected to reduce the load on the hands while working at the computer. Each pillow is made up of two parts: an elongated part reminiscent of the keyboard (it creates extra support for your wrists), and a nice character that holds it.

You just need to put a huge stuffed capybara, a cat, a bear or any other kawaii character on your lap and enjoy more comfortable working conditions. The cushion will give the necessary support to your wrists and the soft friend will gently force you to sit straight and keep the correct distance from the monitor to your eyes.

If you wish, the soft cushion for the wrist can be detached and put on the table. But those who have tried to work in the company of lovely soft little animals can no longer reject them. Besides, a plush friend can always replace you in the office, if you fail to come back from lunch in time.

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