Lots of Friends Mean Bigger Brains

An unexpected conclusion has been recently made ​​by the experts from the University of Oxford. They found that socially oriented people have a slightly bigger brain in comparison with those who prefer solitude. When a person has a large number of friends, it increases all six areas of the brain, and all the brain areas are firmly interconnected.


Some results of the brain scan procedure were analyzed, and eighteen people were interviewed. Everything was aimed at reaching definite conclusions. In the survey of the volunteers, the scientists were interested in the number of friends that the participants of the experiment came in contact with during the previous month. These data were used to estimate the size of their personal social network. It turned out that most of the volunteers contacted with about 20 friends, but there were those who maintained friendly relations with forty and more acquaintances.

The experts have found that a kind of a social area is located in the anterior cingulate gyrus. Actually, this area allows you to keep track of what other people prefer to be involved in. The connection between the mentioned area and the area that is used for understanding what others feel was stronger in socially oriented people. Perhaps such a person uses the appropriate areas of the brain more often, and it activates their growth.

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