How to Sit Correctly at Computer?

Bad Sitting PostureSitting with your back straight can be bad for your health, according to the claim made by Canadian scientists. A study conducted by radiologist Waseem Amir Bashir and his colleagues from the Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging at the University of Alberta Hospital, Canada, showed that when the person sits with the back straight (so that the angle between the thighs and the trunk is about 90 degrees), this position can eventually lead to experiencing some pain.

The scientists observed 22 healthy participants, none of them had any previous history of having issues with their back; the people were sitting in various positions, such as leaning forward, keeping back straight, leaning backwards a little bit, and leaning on the back of the chair. So, which sitting position is the right one if we want to have healthy spine?

Sitting position with the person leaning forward turned out to be the most dangerous one for the back.

“We discovered that half-lying position (such that the trunk is leaning back at the angle of around 135 degrees) puts the least pressure on the spine since this position is the closest one to the relaxed state, when you are lying,” – reported doctor Bashir.

So, remember about this every time you are sitting at your computer.

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