How to lose post baby tummy

There can be a lot of pressure on women to lose their post baby weight, especially with the surge in celebrities dropping the weight in what seems like a number of days. So with the stresses of returning to that prime pre-baby weight right after giving birth, what are the options available to lose that post-baby tummy quickly and effectively? A lot of celebrities reportedly turn to surgery, such as the tummy tuck or liposuction. Do these actually work? And are they low risk enough for non-celebs to try? Obviously, the most important thing on a woman’s mind when she’s just given birth to her bundle of joy, is her baby, but for some woman it is important to get back to some kind physical fitness ASAP. Losing the baby weight isn’t just about being beautiful, it is also about having confidence and regaining some control over your life. Having a baby is such as life changing experience for women, it can be important to retain who they were before the baby and continue to look after themselves and their physical appearance, as well as their baby.


Surgeries, such as liposuction and tummy tucks, can be a quick fix but there’s always some element of risk to any surgery. Although, surgery methods have become a lot more high tech and much safer than they used to be. This is especially the case for liposuction, which is a procedure that focuses on removing large areas of fat from the body. New technology means that it is now possible to avoid the use of local anesthetise and an overnight stay and it is a much quicker procedure.

Being a mum shouldn’t mean feeling old and frumpy. The larger boobs, cellulite and stretch marks can all add to making a woman feel low and lose self-confidence. Safe surgery can bring that buzz back and make someone feel more like a yummy mummy.

Alternatives to surgery are healthy dieting and a lot of exercises. Healthy eating is hard at the best of times, but it can be a challenge to fit food and exercise around caring for a baby. For those who struggle to find motivation when running off exhaustion and lack of sleep, a personal trainer can be a good option to help keep you on track. Whatever the choice, there are plenty of healthy and safe ways to lose that post baby weight.

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