How to Become Happy

American psychologists have published a material in the journal The Psychological Science, in which they attempted to reveal the secrets of happiness, classifying them into ten factors.

Happy woman

Moreover, the ability to be happy of little things was regarded by the authors as the main key to happiness, claiming that for many years of research, those who for all their life possessed the ability to by happy of small joys, cope more quickly with disease in old age and generally live about 7 years longer. Here are the much talked-about 10 “whales”, on which human happiness should hold on to:

1. Share happy thoughts with others
2. Analyze pleasant memories
3. Praise yourself more often
4. Focuse inwardly on pleasant sensations
5. Think that everything is better than they could have been
6. Plunge into those activities that you like
7. Pretend to be happy even during not very happy moments
8. Celebrate significant moments in your life
9. Drive away gloomy thoughts, fears and doubts
10. Say “thank you” as often as possible.

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