High Heels Are Injuring Millions While Women Suffer in Silence

The number of British women who had to get medical treatment and/or go to hospital because of injuries caused by wearing high-heel shoes goes well over three million, as researchers have found out.

High heels

The nationwide survey involving 3,000 women aged from 18 to 65 also revealed a large range of medical problems resulting from killer shoes and showing just what lengths women can go to in order to look trendy.

For ten per cent of women high heels meant a twisted ankle or a sprained tendon at best, the least fortunate suffering from broken ankles and cracked knee-caps.

A third of the sufferers tripped and took a header, causing damage to the face and teeth, some breaking their wrists in the fall.

It turns out that two thirds of British belles have sustained an injury when wearing fashionable but uncomfortable shoes… And a whopping 89 per cent (almost every girl in the country!) said that they had worn shoes that spoiled the evening. 80 per cent ended up taking them off because they could no longer stand the pain.

Notwithstanding, six out of every ten British ladies confessed that they wouldn’t give up and go on wearing uncomfortable shoes, for being fashionable means a lot while wounds get healed and discomfort gets forgotten.

The Hotter Shoes comment to the poll says “it’s incredible to imagine the pain and discomfort women endure” – and this is no overstatement, yet 80 per cent of women go and get bargain shoes even if they are not their fit or buy a pair that is too small on purpose.

It seems to be a fixed habit with women not to give a thought to possible health problems when they come across a pair of high heels that they are sure will look good on them.

Source of the image: Photl.