Being Able to Forgive Improves the Health State

Offences literally break our hearts, if they continue to be stored there for years. The inability to let go and forget the bad negatively affects the heart. It encourages pressure rise and causes the risk of hypertension and stroke.

Such is the opinion of the experts at the University of California, San Diego. They conducted a research on the way old emotional wounds affect health.

The essence of the experience, which involved 200 volunteers, was that people were asked to immerse themselves in their memories and relive the moments when they were unjustly offended. Then the researchers asked the volunteers to distract, and then reminded them of the offences again. Those who forgave their abusers peacefully responded to experiments – the sensors for measuring pressure and heart rate showed this. But with those who could not forgive the sensors showed jumps and heart palpitations.

According to the scientists, episodic high blood pressure cannot be considered dangerous. But if a person resides in this state, it increases the risk of heart disease.