Fish Pedicure Is Dangerous

This information is very important for those who prefer fish pedicure, or are planning to try it. It is also useful to know for those who are going on holiday to Eastern countries such as Thailand and China, where tourists are often suggested to try this procedure. You’d better read what is to be feared.

Fish Pedicure

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, fish pedicure is not just a strange beauty ritual that involves questions of ethical treatment of animals, but also a dangerous procedure for human health. The extent of harm done by fish pedicure is now such that 14 US states, including California, Florida and Texas, have already banned fish pedicure in their territory.

Doctors and experts warn us against this procedure. Too great is the risk of catching an infection, especially when patients have open skin wounds (e.g. cuts, which are characteristic of the patients with diabetes and people with weakened immune systems). In addition to this, the “doctor-fish” are themselves bearers of certain types of bacteria dangerous to humans. Among them is the streptococcus and the bacteria of the gastrointestinal tract.

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