Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment with Laser Surgery

As the good old sun is turning up the heat mercilessly day by day, the problem of perspiring starts to rear its ugly head with quite a lot of people. So many of us poor blighters will very soon be engaged in the yearly war, buying deodorant sticks, body lotions, ointments, stuffing sweat-absorbing pads in the armpit, reading up on the latest offers in the field. Meanwhile there is going to be a daily onrush of unpleasant feelings as people begin to feel the odor of perspiration emanating from their bodies in a public place or eyeing sadly the ruined armpit parts of their favorite pieces of clothing. Horrible.

Sweating, Armpit

Is there a chance to yet win this losing game with one bold stroke? There is, with one laser cut. You can have a doctor aim at your armpit with a laser and kill off all of your sweat glands, leaving the problematic place unable to sweat any more. Just that simple.

Actually, the procedure is new and experimental, meant to be used on people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (that is, compulsory profuse perspiring not caused by physical necessity). Only 20 people underwent this type of laser surgery so far, and it’s early days yet for any results of long-term testing or the knowledge of any possible side effects which may manifest themselves with the passing of time.

Nevertheless it may be well worth the risk (if there is any) and the sum of approximately $3,000 (if you have the money to spare). Watch the video for an attempt to understand what it is like to have it done on you and think how nice it would be to stop worrying about all this sweat breaking out – and who knows just how daring you may be about it?

Source of the image: Hyperhidrosis-treatment.