Elixir of Eternal Youth Found?

Eternal Youth Elixir Found?The Daily Mail reports the secrets of eternal youth are opening with the help of scientists. Experiments on mice show that the ferment called telomerase may become the main ingredient of “elixir of eternal youth” – the scientists hope that this ferment will help to slow the process of aging.

Mice Can Live Longer, So Do Humans

According to New Scientist, in the National Cancer Research Institute of Spain mice lived 50% longer than their average lifetime. They also had less fat, better coordination and faster sugar splitting. Researcher Maria Blasco claims that aging of mice can be deferred. With optimism does she look also at probable application of this method to people, because this ferment is able to make usual mortal cell eternal. Her opinion is proved by recent experiments in the US which found out that the rise of telomerase level in the cells of white corpuscles helps them to resist illnesses.

How Telomerase Slows the Aging Process

Telomerase is produced from the plant astragalus which is often used in Chinese medicine without any adverse effects. It protects DNA strands in chromosomes which flat out as the cells divide. In the end they thin out so that the cell dies. Keeping high telomerase level can help to slow the process of aging.

Eternal Youth and Cancer Risk

However, there are some concerns because, for example, the cells of cancer produce much telomerase. The scientists do not exclude the possibility of cells start involuntary division, like at cancer. Besides, Dr Blasco thinks that this problem can be solved by giving medicines against cancer.