Contrast Shower

Contrast ShowerHot water relaxes our body while cold water increases muscle tone and muscles flexibility the way intensive exercises do. What’s more, warm shower opens up the pores of our skin while cold shower makes them narrow, which helps remove dirt from the skin. It makes contrast shower a great way to clean our skin. Want to know more about alternating shower?

Therapeutic Effects and Benefits of Contrast Shower

The alternating shower plays an important role in the regulation of the nervous system. The shower treatment also improves the blood circulation to organs and tissues, boosts metabolism and removes toxins from our body. Don’t forget that sudden temperature changes activate the immune system and temper our body.

How to Take Contrast Shower

Here’s how to take alternating shower the proper way.

  • Take the shower after your morning exercises. Start with warm water (97 F) and keep it up for 30-40 seconds.
  • Then switch to cold water (86 F) and keep it up for 15-20 seconds.
  • Repeat the process three times.

How to Know the Water Temperature?

At first, you can check the water temperature with an aqua thermometer. Later on, your body will be able to tell you if the temperature is right.

How to Increase the Water Temperature Gap?

In about 7-10 days, you can increase the temperature gap up to 10 degrees. After 2.5-3 months of the treatment, the temperature gap should be 45-55 degrees. Hot water should be 104-113 F, cold water – 50-59 F. Physicians argue that temperature gap is the most effective.

What if It’s Too Cold?

Finish the treatment with cold water but avoid making your body shiver. Goose skin indicates that your shower treatment should be over. When you finish, rub your body dry with a bath-towel. If you do everything right, you will get to feel yourself much better.

Contraindications of Alternating Shower

The altering shower could be harmful to those suffering the hypertensive disease, vascular disorders of the brain, thrombophlebitis as well as cardiovascular disorders. If you still want to try the treatment, the medical consultation is necessary.

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