Coffee Intake Helps Avoid Mistakes at Work

A recent research discovered that people working shifts can avoid making errors if they drink coffee.

Since working shifts disorganizes the human body clock, shift workers get tired more easily and consequently are apt make more errors at work. Scientists set out to try different methods that will fight down the growing tiredness more effectively.

After conducting work-related tests on the influence of coffee, placebos or naps the researchers found that coffee outstripped the other treatments by far. Caffeine – taken either in coffee or in energy drinks – eliminated mistakes and provided longer attention spans, better perception and reasoning.

Lead researcher Katharine Ker of the London School of Tropical Medicine mentioned that it would be reasonable to assume that caffeine intake may also bring down the injuries rate, although the research didn’t exactly qualify this conclusion.

Anyhow, here’s more reason to look upon our coffee machines as reliable assistants in doing our work!

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