Chronic Stress Harms DNA


The scientists from Duke University Medical Center have discovered a mechanism that explains why stress leads to DNA damage.

Stress, Sadness

According to Robert J. Lefkowitz, the whole thing is in the increased levels of adrenaline and the changing rates of protein p53.

The scientists decided to have a closer look at the way chronic stress leads to illness (starting from cosmetic problems, including the gray hair, to cancer). It is known that p53 is a protein that inhibits the growth of tumors. It is considered something of a guardian of the genome. It is this protein that does not allow deviations occur in the genome.

Chronic stress leads to a situation when p53 remains at a low level for a long time. The experiment with rodents showed that prolonged stress actually leads to the formation of chromosomal abnormalities.

So, dear women, if you want to stay beautiful and healthy for a longer period of time, avoid stress and do not take problems close to heart. Health we have one!

Source of the image: Photl.