Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Fatty Liver Disease Linked

Fatty liver is a serious disease that is rarely detected early. At the same time, a neglected fatty disease develops into such terrible diseases like cancer and cirrhosis.


Fatty Liver Disease Symptoms

According to gastroenterologists, the main difficulty recognizing fatty liver disease is that inside the liver there are no nerve endings, due to which the disease goes unnoticed for the patient for a long time. Deterioration of health may be manifested in various ways – digestive disorders, fatigue, excessive sleepiness, apathy, nausea, itchy skin. Among the more specific symptoms is heaviness in the right side. All of these symptoms are often underestimated and blamed on fatigue, seasonal lack of vitamins or individual cases of poisoning.

Fatty Liver Disease Consequences

Meanwhile, fatty disease affects different organs imperceptibly. Primarily liver suffers – 76 % of obese people suffer from NAFLD. Excess fat deposits in this important organ and, as a result, healthy liver cells no longer cope with their responsibilities, cease to release toxins from the body. In addition to liver, the disease affects hormonal balance, immunity, and digestion.

The characteristic symptoms of fatty liver disease appear when it is already quite difficult to stop the disease. At this stage – often the chronic one – urine and stool change their color.

Fatty Liver Disease Treatment

In this case, fighting the disease means a healthy lifestyle and proper attention to the quality of your nutrition. Be alert to your body and do not miss a serious disease.

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