Bunion Deformities Causes & Treatment

It is believed that a bump at the base of the big toe is a hereditary phenomenon. Experts think differently and argue that a person’s foot is a perfect tool of support and movement given to us by nature. The strength of this unique structure made of 33 joints, 26 bones, 114 ligaments, and a great amount of nerves is designed for one hundred years. It is difficult for Mother Nature to imagine that her unreasonable child – human – can make this perfect mechanism inefficient before thirty or fifty years.


What Leads to Bunions?

The main reason causing bunions is the oveload of the foot:

  • overweight;
  • working on foot;
  • high-heeled shoes.

It happens that day after day ligaments and muscles, the purpose of which is to support the joints of the foot in the position intended by nature, get an enormous dose of the load in an unnatural position. Until a certain time ligaments can carry out their duties diligently. And then they fail, and the foot changes its shape.

We can conclude that a woman can have a genetically specific form of the foot, have a long great toe, predisposition to being overweight, weaker or stronger ligaments. However, bunions on her feet depend on the choice of footwear.

Damage from Wearing High Heels

High heels are able to make women’s legs more attractive, but not without unpleasant consequences. When you wear high heels, body weight falls on the front of the foot. The foot tolerates the load as long as it can and then flattens and becomes wider than the width of the shoe. The toes just do not have enough space. The second toe rises freeing the territory. The great toe shifts to the vacant place and curves toward the second toe – so a painful bump is formed. The heavier the woman, the faster bunions develop. Mind the tips on how to choose high heels without damaging your feet health.

Bunion Deformity Treatment

In the case of a small deformation, the process can be stopped by orthopedic insoles, comfortable footwear and heels no higher than three or four centimeters. It is important to normalize weight.

With substantial deformation doctor may recommend surgery, during which the outgrowth is eliminated, the great toe will return to its normal position and the foot will become attractive and narrow again.

Home Remedies for Bunions

Folk remedies can relieve swelling, inflammation, pain:

  • fresh fish fillet poultice;
  • burdock poultice;
  • propolis poultice.

Iodine is also helpful, but be careful. It can successfully eliminate the inflammation, but when used too often it burns the skin, makes it thin and sensitive. If you have thyroid gland problems, iodine is also contraindicated.

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