Bras Make Breasts Saggy

Celebrities’ outfits prove that bra is getting out of fashion. Kim Kardashian and Kelly Brook started a new fashion trend which presupposes giving up this piece of underwear.


Stars like Kim Kardashian, Kelly Brook, Miranda Kerr, and Gwyneth Paltrow keep appearing in public without bras under their dresses. Fashion experts are already talking about a new fashion trend that may become popular this year. What is more, a recently conducted research at the University of Besançon, France, reveals the harm bras do to women’s health. Scientists have found that a woman’s breasts keep their shape longer without bras, get less slack and are less likely to cause back pain. However, women who do not wear bras are not so quickly promoted.

Previously, it was assumed that a bra helps breasts to retain their shape and prevents backache. In fact, women who do not wear bras train their pectoral muscles, which reduce the rate of age-related changes and slackness. The study’s author, Professor Rouillon is convinced that a woman can keep breasts in shape if she gives up wearing bras.

The scientist says a woman should decide whether to give up the bra based on her feeling of comfort and aesthetics. Contrary to the traditional view, the female breasts do not sag without a bra, but vice versa – they strengthen and tighten, and skin quality improves. 42% of women feel uncomfortable in the first three months without a bra, but then the feeling disappears. Moreover, the absence of underwear does not prevent women from working or doing sports.

However, Professor Rullion has been observing only a very small group of women for a short period. The consequences of not wearing a bra for a longer time are still unknown.

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