5 Habits that Make Us Look Older

Woman Looking in the MirrorWe all know how such common habits as smoking or alcohol drinking may negatively affect our looks. But you, probably, know little about negative effects of some, at first sight innocent, things which are on the list as well. Find out more about them below. If you have something to add, feel free to leave your comments.

Looking with the Eyes Partly Closed

All too often, we don’t even notice how we get crow’s feet and withered eyelids. This banal wrinkle-causing habit is the answer.

Here are some tips that help improve skin elasticity around the eyes. Apply collagen creams and do simple eye exercises several times a day, like looking down-and-up, then left-to-right. Make sure to wear sunglasses in strong sunshine and spectacles if you are short-sighted.

Using Body Scrubs

Surely, we need to regularly remove the outer layer of dead cells that make our skin look lifeless. Yet, make sure you don’t scrub your skin too hard. If you use scrubs more than once a week, it may cause epidermal damage and weaken the skin’s natural protective function. Over scrubbing ends up with the skin becoming more prone to inflammations and infections, uneven tan and accelerated aging process!

Choose your scrub with care. For delicate neck and décolleté skin, go for gentle scrubs and avoid beauty products with salt granules.

With sensitive or allergic skin, avoid using fruit acid scrubs and gels. After sloughing off, always apply rich moisturizer. Products containing olive oil and Aloe Vera extract are appropriate for dry and inflammation-prone skin while oil-free formulas, like hyaluronic acid products, work with oily skin.

Drinking through a Straw

Even if sipping-through-a-straw habit may seem sexy, it is not skin-friendly at all. Repetitive contraction of lip muscles causes dynamic wrinkles around the mouth. It is extremely difficult to reduce such facial lines, and, even more, to make them vanish.

Pursing your lips around the cigarette creates the same vertical wrinkles. Smokers look older than nonsmokers of the same age not only because of premature skin aging, but of smoker’s lines as well.

Maintain Good Posture

Besides healthy skin, our looks largely depend on the posture. Slouched back, stooped shoulders and hollow breast make even twenty-year-olds look unattractive

Chewing Habit

Curiously, the habit of continuous chewing or nibbling at something, for example, sunflower seeds, not only upsets the stomach, but also causes nasolabial folds. They are the evidence of accumulated tension and high obtrusiveness levels. Next time you feel like chewing something, you’ll rather try this meditation technique. Relax, sit comfortably, place your hands on the knees with the palms up, close your eyes, breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Source of the image: stanford.wellsphere.com.

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