4 Worst Healthy Office Snacks

Working in the office is usually associated with constant active brainwork, which causes the body to require additional energy in the form of food. Many office workers take food with them for snacking at work, and some even have lunch at work. However, experts say that some products are not to be eaten at work.


Not every snack, including even useful ones, is recommended for office workers. The fact is that some products may have an inhibitory effect on the nervous system and brain activity.


For example, experts believe that cherries and sweet cherries, along with many useful nutrients, contain large amounts of melatonin, which can cause drowsiness. These berries can be eaten at bedtime, especially if you suffer from insomnia.


Invigorating coffee is also tricky. According to doctors, this drink produces a toning effect for 60-90 minutes after it is consumed. However, then comes the opposite effect – the tone is reduced, you feel languid.


Bananas are a very popular office snack. Meanwhile, some experts point out that this fruit causes relaxation of the muscular system and, as a result, leads to fatigue and drowsiness. A similar effect is achieved by eating seeds and halibut.


Meat is considered an ideal product to suppress hunger for a long time. However, do not forget that the body spends a lot of energy digesting it, which prevents active blood circulation in the brain. In addition, meat contains tryptophan, which causes drowsiness. The same element is contained in sweets, so if you want to think better at work, forget about them.

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