3 Worst Food Pairings


Doctors have made ​​a rating of the unhealthiest popular combinations of products. The experts have found that in such pairings the nutrients are not only destroyed; there is a real threat of disease or weight gain.


Alcohol and coke

The list of harmful combinations was topped by alcohol consumed with diet soda or cola. This is the favorite choice of many women who watch their figure. However, as experts explain, aeration accelerates the absorption of all the substances from alcohol, which increases its concentration in blood and toxicity, leading to strong hangover or poisoning.

Beer and peanuts

The second place according to the level of potential harm to health went to the duo of beer and peanuts. Doctors say that this pairing neutralizes all the useful properties of peanuts, and there are only calories. Peanuts should be used not as a beer snack, but as a separate snack, a separate product.

Meat and olive oil

Olive oil, which is used for cooking meat, can also bring a lot of harm. That is why the product was ranked third in the rating. When exposed to high temperatures, olive oil is completely deprived of all useful vitamins and minerals. According to specialists, all you consume is just harmful ingredients, resulting from the process of frying.